cant use data on virtual network operator (MVNO) [unsolved]


Mar 12, 2011
just changed mobile service provider and they dont have there on cell towers so they use another companys whitch i beleave is called national roaming.

miui is telling me i am roaming and i cant use data when roaming(even with international roaming enabled) is there any fix for this or could any one help me.

sense roms do the same thing but if i go to auto find with sense it thinks i am not roaming any more this is not the case with miui.

any help is appreciated.


Mar 12, 2011
my phone says its roaming all the time with miui even though its not roaming. it is using o2 cell towers but i am on tesco mobile, i believe it is called national roaming this is why my phone thinks i am roaming. i cant use data on my phone as it thinks i am roaming but if i turn on international roaming i still cant use data.

on sense roms i have the same thing when i boot but if i went to chooses cell network operator > select automatically it would drop signal and then think i was on my home network this dosent work with miui though.

ok i found out they are called a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) dose any one know how to get data working for a virtual network operator (MVNO)


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Nov 19, 2010
I changed the thread title, however you can do it yourself next time. Just hit edit post then click on the advanced button.

Hope you find a solution to your problem, good luck :)

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Mar 12, 2011
lol i though there should have been some way to do it couldnt find it though thanks sorry for wasting your time

got data working but i have to be roaming to use it still would like a way to fool the phone to think its current network(just my home network) isnt roaming


Jul 20, 2011
i have the same problem with 1.9.2 i want to use national data roaming without having to activate the international data roaming! is there any fix for this problem?
Mar 6, 2012

I have the same problem, these virtual network operators are quite common in Austria, too.
Orange rents its networt to other companies, like Yesss and Tele2.
As well as A1 rents its network to bob, in fact they're owned by A1, nevertheless bob is using the network of A1 as a MVNO.

The problem is, that there is no way of differing a national roaming from an international one.

It is normal, that MIUI recognizes the bob sim to be roaming in A1 which is no problem at all (national roaming) the included flatrate workd and everythings fine. But you have to activate roaming in general for it to be working.

Now this is not a problem if one is only in cities or so, but being settled on the border of Austria it's possible that the phone connects to let's say the italian provider, which gives quite a bill, but there is no way to deactivate only international roaming, also it is inconvienient to disable roaming (and therefore the complete data connection) on approaching the borders.

I'm goning to drive over to germany today and found this to be quite annoying, gotta disable roamning and therefore data before I leave to be sure not to roam accidentially to germanys netowrks, which costs quite a lot.

Some other ROMs like cyanogen do offer this feature, but MIUI does not.
There is a possibility to activate only national roaming or even international roaming.

This would be the perfect solution.
Maybe it could find a way into one of the next versions of MIUI

We would appreciate it.