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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    I had exactly the same problem. is totally buggy, no UI, crash, no menu. I'm French too, is it the language file the problem ? I try dirty flash first, crash! Clean Flash, crash ! Change for TWRP, OrangeFox, PitchBlack, same crash ! I did a clean install of, no problem. I saw...
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    MIUI 11 for Land available (Unofficial)

    No, I'm on stable EU rom but I will test new stable Global ROM. Bye ROM EU......
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    Yes, I use two modules on Magisk: Advanced Charging Controller (acc) and Sysconfig Patcher both from VR25 but I don't think it change it. I will add a third one today for testing: NFS-INJESCTOR from K1ks.
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    I just tried and no problem for me. I have just one apps who can automatically start and none of the other do it (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc... are off)
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    I'm also on this version since XIAOMI EU launched it, no problems.
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    Wakelock After Full Charge

    For battery saving and charging I use Magic Charging Switch and Sysconfig Patcher from VR25 on Magisk. Really good.
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    Could we have the last stable release for Redmi 3S ?
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    miui 10 redmi3 pro?

    See again..... Redmi 3 Pro is not on the list....
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    miui 10 redmi3 pro?

    No, Redmi 3 Pro will not be updated.
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    3s loads xiaomi recovery interface and not twrp

    If it's the last TWRP version, try to reboot with Vol+ and Vol- at the same time to boot in.
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    Redmi 3S China ROM stable is and dev is 8.3.8... why no update ?
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    Yes, but they are not all update. For exemple, the Redmi 3S china is 9.2.2 and EU rom is 9.2.1
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    Redmi 3S: Wifi very slow App disapeared and can't be re-installed ! Hope a stable version 9.2.2 of EU version soon...
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    Just autorise localization in settings/installed application/weather
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    It means that you must autorize localization in MIUI settings.... I had the ame problem... that's a regression