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  • Hi mate,

    Glad you got it working. I've moved back to CM7 for the moment, but still keeping an eye on miui progress.

    Well see who makes an ICS port first, then I may switch again!



    PS also tried another sense rom, ran so slow compared to cm7!

    I kind of gave up on miui as i almost wrecked my phone trying to get it working just before i went on holiday, about a day before i found out my passport had expired. Needed to concentrate on other things.

    Decided to give it a try yesterday and managed to get it working, not quite sure how, just seemed to bodge my way through it. Seem to have loads of internal app storage so happy about that as that was my main worry.

    Really like what i've seen so far, very smooth and clean. Not tried anything else other than cm7 which is reliable however when i tried to upgrade to the latest stable it killed my access to the market.

    Let me know if you have any great miui tips


    Hey, did you ever sort the issue with a lack of space in comparison to the cm7 partition set up?

    You enjoying mIUI?
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