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  • You need to do that once every time you reboot (cold lock). It works like a charm.
    Hope this is useful.

    P.S. Is this a PM? Hope so - never used this forum framework before :)
    Thanks! I use GPS test for faster lock, but it's strange: in froyo and gb roms, i got a lock if standing still for 10 minutes, it got much better with ics roms, it's better on some kernels, other aren't so great, but even 3 minutes are quite okay. But still, thanks, if the problem will get worse, I'll definitely try this.
    And I agree, this forum is kind of weird, not sure what PM looks like:)
    If you want to shorten GPS lock time without waiting 3 minutes or so, use GPS status app. It does help, by downloading and using AGPS data (set 1 hour aging in prefs), thing that stock GPS subsystem does not do.
    Once locked first time with GPS Status, you can close it. Subsystem remembers last fixed location, and this helps stock GPS locking in seconds as well (warm lock).
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