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    MULTI 4.8.8

    C6903 or C6603?
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    MULTI 4.8.8

    Hi, I need confirmation on this. Sony Xperia Z L36h is same as C6903 or C6603?
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    MULTI 4.8.1

    i9100 4.1 to 4.2 need to full wipe, right? and I'm so sad that i9100 will be the last on 4.8.8 :(
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    MULTI 4.7.18

    Hi, I'm using SGS2 and updated my MIUI to 4.7.18. I also use Mi-tools. having some issue with network/wifi/carrier logo keep disappearing from status bar. if i change the status bar theme, it'll come back for few hours then disappear again. kinda annoying. anyone else having this issue?
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    MULTI 4.5.9

    Hi, my i9100 use same build, 4.4.25 to 4.5.9 without any problem. just wipe cache & dalvik. BTW love the new "no-need-to-reboot-after-changing-font" feature :D
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    MULTI 4.2.28

    Done that hours ago. Luckily I managed to do nandroid backup when the bootloop occurs. Combining all the TAR file and extract few important data such as SMS/MMS, Notes, Browser's bookmark and few other. Overwrite the files in the newly-flashed ROM. Success :) By the way, i9100 4.1 and 4.2 is...
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    MULTI 4.2.28

    Accidentally flashed i9100-4.2 into my SGS2. Then I re-flash i9100-4.1 again. Now stuck in bootloop. Any ideas?
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    MULTI 4.1.3

    I've ask in last week ROM release thread but no one answer. May I know why my P780 8GB ver cannot use MIUIandroid ROM? It'll bootlooping if flashed via TWRP or CWM. Thanks in advance.
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    MULTI 3.12.27

    Lenovo P780 ROM gives nonstop boot loop on my 8GB P780. I know how to deploy MIUI on phone as I have a working SGS2 i9100 running latest MIUIandroid. But this P780 seems refusing to cooperate. Help me please. Thanks.
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    MULTI 3.12.27

    Lenovo P780 works with both 4GB & 8GB version?
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    Any news on 3.10.4?
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    Anyone using i9100 having "stuck while turning wi-fi on" problem after updating to 3.9.6 from 3.8.29?
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    Yet another updates that broke GoKeyboard :/ sigh
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    Xiaomi Xiaomi Red Rice

    MediaTek GPS sucks. It takes almost an hour to lock, and if your locked and being under overpass for about 2-3min, the satellite signal become lost. And you have to wait for it to lock again. I repeat - MEDIATEK GPS SUCKS! BAD!
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    Quick question - on MiuiAndroid 3.6.28, my screen lock sound, touchscreen sound and dialpad sound works just fine. but in 3.7.5 and 3.7.12, no more sound. i even toggle it on/off multiple times in Settings but still no sound. How can I fix this? Samsung GS2 i9100