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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.5.11 Changelog [ICS]

    MIUI ROM 2.5.11 [ICS] Thread Status: Not open for further replies. This. Genius. You won't get bugged about problems here that way. Maybe you should add a message to send bugs in the bugs sections, and read the other threads before posting a new one? Just to send the helpless ignorants (not...
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.3.2 Changelog [ICS]

    Mark, you are so very calm, nice and professional. For that, I salute you.
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    Calendar FC Nexus S

    Wow that was it. Thanks! Its a little inconvenient to redownload and adjust settings everytime I upgrade, but glad to know there is a solution to this kind of thing. I shall remember to clean data and cache before filing bugs again, thanks a lot! :)
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    Calendar FC Nexus S

    Hello, I am filing a proper bug report. My Nexus S version 2.2.24. It's having trouble loading Calendar, as in it FC as soon as I click it. Simple calendar widget FC as well (which is logical) 2.2.10 is the last good build for me. (I was having the same problem in 2.2.17) I will try to...
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    Release MIUI ROM 2.2.24 [ICS] & [GB] ROMS Uploaded

    Hello, I have the same issue than Mitja, I can't even open the calendar.
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    Release 2.2.10 [GB & ICS]

    Hello, I have signed up to tell you how your efforts are appreciated. Please count me in for eventual donations. If I can ask, why you don't want to go the torrent way? You did so much for the community, let the community give back a little, no? At the very least it could be implemented as a...