Calendar FC Nexus S


Feb 11, 2012

I am filing a proper bug report. My Nexus S version 2.2.24. It's having trouble loading Calendar, as in it FC as soon as I click it.
Simple calendar widget FC as well (which is logical)

2.2.10 is the last good build for me. (I was having the same problem in 2.2.17)
I will try to figure out how to and do a logcat tonight when I get home.

Wow that was it.
Its a little inconvenient to redownload and adjust settings everytime I upgrade, but glad to know there is a solution to this kind of thing.
I shall remember to clean data and cache before filing bugs again, thanks a lot! :)
No problem :) you can also backup data for other apps if you feel its a inconvenience for each time you flash, meaning you can selectively restore other data with the backup app.

Glad that solved it for you :)