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    Eu Rom For Mi Mix 2s

    Aries is mi2(S) , not mi mix2s. Gesendet von meinem ONE E1003 mit Tapatalk
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    Eu Rom For Mi Mix 2s

    @ingbrzy ...but you would not probably mind sharing your precious knowledge with us? It will take some time when we order the phone now in China.
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    [rom] Ivan's Aosp Marshmallow 6.0 - [6.3.22]

    Shouldn't the permission be accessible directly from settings - memory - boot permissions? (in german it's Arbeitsspeicher - beim booten gestartete apps) That's where I can find it on my oneplus_x running CM13. Gesendet von meinem ONE E1003 mit Tapatalk
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    [rom][cm12.1] Last Hope Rom - Best Rom Ever? ;)

    Fresh install on mi2s. Can anybody please check clock app, especially countdown and stopwatch? I've experienced funny things. Clearing data for this app doesn't help.
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    [rom] Cm12.1 For Aries By M1cha

    @bugers, if you are still working on this project: I finally bought an oneplus x, but will inherit my mi2s to my son at Christmas, and I'd like to prepare it somehow. That's why I hope that your Christmas release will be out right some days before Christmas. I'd feel OK with your RC 3 version...
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    [rom] Cm12.1 For Aries By M1cha

    Would you recommend updating to your 10.08 public build, or shoud I wait one more week for an updated version? Of course, this is no eta-question. No no no. I'm just curious. ;-)
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    [rom] Cm12.1 For Aries By M1cha

    That's interesting. I had these system apps removed by choosing that option flashing open gapps aroma right from the start, so maybe that's why I had no problems.
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    [rom] Cm12.1 For Aries By M1cha

    It might be a problem of the modules then. For me it works great with framework 75 and modules geenify, intelli3g, and YouTube ad away.
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    [rom] Cm12.1 For Aries By M1cha

    I had no problem installing xposed framework for arm from (still on m11kkaa's build)
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    [rom] Ivan's Aosp Lollipop 5.1

    Would you mind reviewing the link for merged partitions version? Mega works for unmerged, but not for merged.
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    [GUIDE] Flashing rom Using Miflash Mi2/3

    Although the phone needs to be in fastboot mode, will fastboot partition itself will be updated to latest version?
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    [rom Lollipop] Mokee 5.1.1 (magic Fun Rom) For Normal And Merged Partitions - Double Tap To Wake

    Maybe I should check this out. I am still on mokee kitkat version. I will, if phone calls are possible [emoji12] (no mute bug) and Bluetooth is working (as this is used in my car). Can someone confirm that? Alarm clock should work, but not when phone is powered off. WhatsApp should arrive in...
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    Mokee OS OFFICIAL Android 4.4.4 ( Updated on daily basis)

    How did you install gapps? Try to reinstall without gapps. Then install gapps via Settings - mokee center - extras I have no clue if this is of any help, but when I changed to mokee I had no clue that this can be done. So maybe it is worth a try.
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    Mokee OS OFFICIAL Android 4.4.4 ( Updated on daily basis)

    This mokee is kitkat, although an lollipop version exists. So my guess is YES, reverting to kk requires full wipe. It's a great rom, no mic bug, but some bluetooth devices cannot be paired. Oh, and drivedroid doesn't work.