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    Question: where can I find the MD5 hash for the zip downloads?
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    New i9100 3.5.10 - Laggy & slow...

    Hi. I tried installing dorimanx .16 and .20 but cannot boot successfully. During boot, I am welcomed with a photo of the grim reaper with a message "DO NOT EVER INSTALL 9.x KERNEL ON STOCK JB/ICS". I'm using MIUI SGS2 v5 3.5.17. Is there something wrong with my setup?
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.5.17 Changelog

    Is this the issue where it suddenly freezes without pattern while being used and need to clear data to for it to work again?
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    SGS2 users, rejoice!!! :D
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    Resolved [bugs][3.5.2] Galaxy S2 i9100

    Big problem. Is anybody else having an issue where it suddenly freezes and you can no longer boot after a hardware restart? Details: Not sure if isolated. It randomly freezes during use and becomes semi-bricked! Cannot boot again afterwards (stuck in black screen after initial SGS2 with yellow...
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.5.3

    Thank you!!! This isn't super obvious. I thought the root permissions in Permissions app would be enough. Thanks again! This is such a relief! I thought I would have to give up Toucher and SwipePad.
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.5.3

    I have the same problem. Toucher and SwipePad don't work :(
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.4.19 Changelog

    Wow. Tons of fixes! I hope the empty gallery issue is fixed.
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    New Bugs on 3.4.28 Galaxy S II

    Additional bugs on my setup: Can't take screenshot. An error about storage. Some background services that have launcher like features do not work unless that app is forefront. For example Toucher and Swipepad. They only work if the app is forefront. When I go back to the Home launcher, the...
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    New Bugs on 3.4.28 Galaxy S II

    How long is it supposed to be in the "Preparing..." state?
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    Xiaomi 3rd Birthday!

    Woohoo! Happy birthday! :D
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    Xiaomi Chinese Autumn Festival / Golden Week National Holiday - No ROM this week.

    Withdrawal... symptoms... ugchk!!
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.9.14 Changelog

    Is it just me or are others still experiencing the following with 2.9.7: - flashlight goes ON sometimes on locksreen - Updater cannot find new updates
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    Downloading! :D
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.7.6 Changelog

    Fix FC error causing reboot on Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 Yey! I thought it was a phone setup issue. I hope this fixes it.