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    mi 9 miui 11 cannot sent sms text

    That's very specific, thanks for being so precise.
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    MIUI 11 - Included TWRP doesn't allow flashing Magisk - Use 3.3.1-1001 instead

    I need to use TWRP 3.3.1-1001 from the chinese team, else I got an error "unable to mount system". Shouldn't you let users decide that on their own and remove it from v11.
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    Dropped MI9, now it won't boot

    The battery flexible has been hit. You need to open the phone, disconnect the battery, hold the power button, reconnect the battery.
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    ctsProfile: false

    Gpay and the CtsProfile are two different problems. I dirty flashed from a stock 10 EEA to 11 v10.10, rooted all the way and more, and I never had a problem with CTS and never used a patch. I also never used a patch for GPay, but rather the SQLite method, and it worked like a charm. EDIT - Oh...
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    Finally Google pay working on my Mi9

    Are you Dutch or Belgian? > Google Pay is NOT available in the Netherlands. And in Belgium, basically, it's N26 and online banks. You might had Google Pay working by error previously.
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    Finally Google pay working on my Mi9

    From my experience: - Apply one of the fix, or the other. Not the two at once, because then you cannot do it again and verify that the value is read-only, for example - Verify that your Google Account is NOT SET to "USA", either in the Google App, or in Google Play (unless you live in the US) -...
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    Finally Google pay working on my Mi9

    Problems with Google Pay are mostly because of root or bootloader unlock, so Magisk is part of the problem AND the solution. I don't use Google Pay regularly, but the SQL DB shouldn't be modified when flashing a new rom. Since the database is on the Data Partition...
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    Getting an error on downloading widevine certificate

    This feature is not working until further notice
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    [Mi 9] no Updates anymore

    Not their fault, they are doing enough to support beta to Android 10. Two choices: > Go back to Official Mi Global Stable 10.2.12, June Patch > Use Beta 9.8.22, August Patch
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    Impossible to Mount after flash

    This is the official statement of the TWRP Creator for the Mi 9. - Versions 37 and 41 have added Android 10 UNENCRYPTED SUPPORT, but no statement has been made about Android 10 ENCRYPTED SUPPORT.
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    [Cepheus] How to upgrade from 10.2.16 Stable to 9.8.22 Weekly?

    Going from Android 9 to Android 10 requires data formating. I suggest that you root and make a titanium backup.
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    Impossible to Mount after flash

    TWRP 3.3.1-41 doesn't support storage encryption on Android Q yet. Decrypt / Format your data partition to an unencrypted one or wait until TWRP is updated.
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    Invalid Widevine L1 changes to L3 after installing rom on MI 9.

    It might be a bit more complex than that. I've written about the storage mecanics behind Widevine, and the Poco seems to be the only phone in the world to have been whitelisted L1 with an OTA, and the only one where certificates can me manipulated (backup/restore). - On Sony devices, DRMs are...
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    Finally Google pay working on my Mi9

    There's a slightly different patch available here, always with SQL, but you have to do it manually: Works on EEA 10.2.28 (I know, not an EU 9.8.22.Q rom) but worth the try
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    Advantages and drawbacks of upgrading to Android Q

    Slightly off topic, but the first drawback is being drowned in off-putting version numbers. - Can't it be ROM v10.0.0, MIUI v10.0.0 for android Q? > You can be on Android 9 with a ROM v10.2.28 and on Android Q with a ROM v9.8.22, wtf... On topic, Android Q still has a lot of compatibility...