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    Trouble picking up a phonecall on HTC Desire GSM

    I keep forgetting to post that problem. I have the same problem with the last few versions. You see the call screen, you are about to pull down to answer, but the screen turns off. You try to turn it on, but there is such a delay before anything happens that you hit the power button again and...
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    How do Xiaomi and this website make money, or at least survive?

    I see it another way. What better way to get free testing and feedback then by giving the ROM away to as many users as you can. The company can file tune their product until it is perfect and then release their phone (MiOne). Also, from a marketing and research standpoint, you know the types of...
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    FIXed I need 1.12.30 update for defy? can anyone help with this at least?

    You can download that version still at
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    Hold Power Button - No Menu

    The search says that it is an option that is installed with packages... Up until this release, it has been in the stock rom... since at least July (when I switched to MIUI).
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    Hold Power Button - No Menu

    In version 2.1.6 (not in 2 versions ago), when you hold down the power button when you are on the home screen, you no longer get the "Phone Options" menu with "Silent Mode", "Airplane Mode", "Reboot", etc. It What you do get is the "Toggles" drop-down showing up. The "Phone Options" still works...
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    Main Home Screen Index changed

    I've notices this in the last 2 or 3 versions of MIUI. When I press the "Home" button, it takes me to a different screen than before. It used to be the furthest left screen that was index 0 (or whatever), but now, it is the furthest right screen. Same if you pinch to zoom on the home screen so...
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    Battery life really sucks compared to CM7

    I find MIUI to have great battery life. I get just over 2 days on average. The stock rom wasn't that good. I could get 3 days out of the Redux ROM, but MIUI is just a lot nicer to use, so I don't mind the 2+ days that I get. I'm not that heavy of a user. Probably 10 - 15 minutes of calling a...
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    HTC desire stuck at HTC splash screen after updates

    No cause of the problem in this post, but I have the same problem every few weeks of updating. The solution for me is to download the full rom, not the update, and install that from the SD card. No need to wipe cache or anything. Just install it when you reboot. You should be good to go.
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    Time Wheel Update == GREAT!

    I just wanted to commend the developers for the improvement to the time wheel experience! So much better than it was before!
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    Reset stats on Monitor app

    Just so that somebody else might be able to help you, what phone are you using and what version of this ROM? I've had this option on every version of the ROM I've tried since August. I might have a different phone that you, though.
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    Reset stats on Monitor app

    If you go back to the "Traffic" tab, at the very bottom there is "Reset Mobile Internet usage". Does that work?
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    Answering calls problem on htc desire gsm

    I have the same problem. Not the only major bug introduced in this release. I am going to go back to 9.23. When a call comes in, the screen turns on, then you try to drag, but the screen has gone off... then it is really difficult to get the screen to turn on again until the call has stopped...
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    1.9.30 Calendar and Calendar Widgets

    This is on an HTC Desire and MIUI 1.9.30 (not the case in the 1.9.23): 1) Calendar widgets (all of them that I have tried) no longer update. When you first put the widget on the home screen, the next calendar item is added. That item never goes away and new ones never appear. 2) When...
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    Gmail Labels Black on Dark Grey

    If I view an e-mail in the Gmail app, then press "Menu -> Change Labels", the list of labels appears as a dark grey background with black text. When I press on the list to scroll, the list changes to how it should be, while background with black text.
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    How to change notification preference?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you go "Menu -> Settings -> Programs -> Manage Applications -> All" then select the "Music" app. Scroll down and click the "Clear Defaults" button.