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    Did you try anything cyberstoic suggested???? Results????? a2sd is built into MIUI. Just reboot after flashing rom and if needed run a2sd commands. Do this before restoring apps. Also, did you wipe everything including System before flashing rom. Assume you are coming from another rom...
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    Screenshots snap20110918_120908.jpg snap20110918_120937.jpg snap20110918_121156.jpg
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    This may be similar to the one Mark posted in Themes thread, but that thread doesn't get many hits-- The Android3 Theme (online) is very cool--even text has theming in some apps-- Using a blue themed Beautiful Home Widgets for clock/weather widget makes it even better Ken
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    do anyone need a mi-one?

    caveat emptor
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    Quiet Hours

    That's a CM7 exclusive. Don't see why it is not possible considering MIUI uses CM7 features anyway--
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    SD card won't mount--

    Well, I guess i am the only one with sdcard mount issues on this rom Either way, last update, no card issues Do have flakey touchscreen as in doesn't register my touch, esp with lockscreen Market seems to keep wanting me to sign in Reboots haven't helped--long boot times and...
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    SD card won't mount--

    Been flashing MIUI since last Fall. No issues. Lately I have had to do new flashes, overwriting won't work. The last N1 Rom has not worked. Been doing this a long time and did all I could do. System/Data/Cache wipes multi times. Redid SD card. Fixed UID's. Repaired ext thru recovery and...
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    Embedded Cover Arts not shown

    It never got mine right Use Power Amp
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    backup manual APN

    I don't know if you can access it. I use APN BackUp from Market--works great :)
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    Gmail app won't leave the current email!

    Have you gone into Manage Apps/All and clear cache and data and then reopen gmail--
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    Beautiful Widgets

    The weather app has improved greatly. Originally when you tapped on the day, nothing happenned. That's all you had. Now you can open it and have many layers/options on that day. NICE!
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    MIUI Buit in APN settings for Providers.

    Understand, I just prefer backup methods, whether APN's or apps etc to be universal not tied to one rom
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    How to install custom boot animation from .zip in MIUI 1.7.1 ?

    Haven't done it with MIUI But, when I install a .zip boot animation on CM7, I copy to data/local--Nandroid first
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    MIUI Buit in APN settings for Providers.

    Why not just use APN BackUP from Market Won't matter what rom you are on
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    How to use a2sd+

    I think it is a2sd reinstall unless you have a certain version