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    MIUI releases

    Quite a comment. Apparently you don't know Jack about what the term ****ed over means. a bit harsh imo. Sent from my PC36100 using the forum app
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    New app (in Chinese) in 4.22

    I know it was mark. I have no feelings about the topic. My feelings aren't hurt. I'm not crying or complaining. I even realize I have no use for the app. I'm talking about the principle. The guy wanted to do something and someone jumps to tell him no! You never know what slightest interest will...
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    New app (in Chinese) in 4.22

    Has nothing to do with Stiff. I'm very grateful for what he does. I'm speaking more of the person telling fusing what he CAN'T do. Seams like some folks try to carry more power around here. Its more the principle here than anything. The guy was wanting to do something creative in its own right...
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    New app (in Chinese) in 4.22

    Well it should not have been in the original download. Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    Dog Wars Beta

    Thanks for the info. I hate that I had to download it to comment. This is infuriating to me, the proud owner of a gorgeous sweet American blue pit. Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    New app (in Chinese) in 4.22

    I'm interested too. Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    Hi, whats the weather like where you are?

    Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    New app (in Chinese) in 4.22

    Looks like some sort of market type app. I'm sure it will get translated rather than deleted. Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    New app (in Chinese) in 4.22

    Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    No 4g on EVO

    Not to be too hard but there is always that one guy. Couldn't resist. I guess I'm a troll now. Sorry. Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    Officially Addicted to MIUI

    Yeah it didn't get love LOL I liked it tho LOL Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    Officially Addicted to MIUI

    I actually flashed 4.15 while I was in an AA meeting. This whole ROM thing IS my drug of choice... No kidding I'm Scott and I am an alcoholic and an addict... Senseless makes sense. MIUI.
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    Vote for the new MIUI Slogan!

    SENSELESS MAKES SENSE! MIUI. Sent from my PC36100 using the Forums App
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    Someone from china accessed my gmail account

    Early on several months ago I got a force close and hit report, later on I looked at the email it sent for the report and was surprised to see how much info was sent. Suffice it to say I wont allow any more reports to be sent.... Just saying. Sent from my PC36100 using the Forums App
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    Beta forever?

    As far as I'm concerned it is a daily. I understand the perspective as far as themeing goes. But I'm pleased that they constantly make improvements on it. Just my two cents. Sent from my PC36100 using the Forums App