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    Missing translation in 'Telefoon' app

    I've update my phone Poco F3 to the latest ROM 12.5.19. Badly enough there are a lot of translations missing like when you dial a phone number. It presents English instead of Dutch. The translations which are missing now were already missing before updating my phone. The latest thread...
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    Redmi note 9 Pro global

    The latest MIUI for your device is 11.0.3. See:
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    miui 12

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    [Stable version 11.0.8] Screen orientation on flat surface

    The auto rotate function is enabled, when you disable it, you only get the portrait mode. So badly that's not the solution for my problem. //contacted Amazon: The device is not working correctly so I have to sent it back for a refund.
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    [Stable version 11.0.8] Screen orientation on flat surface

    I've installed the latest version of ROM on my Redmi Note 9S. When I put my phone on a flat surface for example a table and turn the screen on the home screen is showed. When I open an application for example Gmail or camera app the apps are showed with the landscape orientation. When...
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    [GUIDE] How to install ROM for Redmi Note 9S / 9 Pro

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    I just installed it from and everything worked well! Running now with Android 10. All without format/wipe data.
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    See the bugs section of this forum. There is a bug with this version. They are busy to investigate the problem.
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    Me too! When the phone doesn't start up with Android 10 i flashed based on Android 9 but the data partition was encrypted.. so had to format data partition to use the version.. On both download pages the zip file is gone.. but my Updater app (on can download the...
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    No More Weekly For 4x?

    "No release for HM4X, MiMIX, Mi5S, Mi5SPlus, MiNote2 due to android 7.0 testing" Source: ROM Downloads page