New [Lisa / Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE] Camera app not using precise location anymore


Jun 3, 2017
Since MIUI 14 stable the Camera app doesn't add the precise location to my pictures (except when being at home and using Wi-Fi).
Most of the time the geotagged location is about 100 till 500 meters from the real location.
Things I've already tried to fix the problem:
- Restart the phone
- Cleared all settings from the Camera app (version 4.5.002350.2)
- Settings - Location - Location services - Precise location Google - On
- Camera app - Settings - Permissions - Location info - precise location (GPS and network based) - On + allowed when the app is in use
- After the recent update MIUI 14.06 the problem still exists
- Used another camera app from the Google Play Store - no problem to get the precise location

Is there another way to fix the problem geotagging pictures with the precise location? Or is this some new 'feature' to prevent precise location to your pictures?
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