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    MIUI 13 22.3.2/3

    I am using picasso also and have no problems using video and audio.
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    MIUI 13 21.12.29/30 - First MIUI 13

    Updated to miui 13 and A12 successfully. Thanks developers. picasso
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    Advice for TWRP

    Go into twrp. Remove the folder /data/extm Start backup and this will do. Backup will be stored in /data/media/0/twrp/backup
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    Why is my bootloader still locked?

    Hello, It's not just waiting for whatever number of hours. You need to run the official mi unlock tool to unlock your phone after the waiting period. Use you pc as directed by other members.
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    MIUI 12.6 21.9.1

    New media control notification layout is absent. Device: picasso Otherwise all good and smooth. Thanks developers.
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    miui 9.6 by 8.4.4 --> miui 11

    I don't have any problem with the home button. The eu rom I am referring to is the latest beta version. It has been running for more than a year and hence can be regarded as sort of stable rom. Yes you can update twrp inside twrp and actually this is the correct way of doing it. After you flash...
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    miui 9.6 by 8.4.4 --> miui 11

    Latest version for mi 6 is 12.1 It is working fine and I am using it. Use latest twrp for sagit
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    Can't flash TWRP after unlocking the phone

    Hello, you should first boot, not flash, the twrp img and get your device into twrp. Then flash the twrp within the twrp app. This should do.
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    [GUIDE] Install TWRP for Mi 11/Pro/Ultra

    I think you should flash the rom first then format data, not vice versa.
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    Bootloader unlock - XIAOMI MI 11 ULTRA.

    Unfortunately, No.
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    Can I make a Full Backup of the ROM I currently have?

    However, when you unlock bootloader you probably will lose your data. So back up your data like videos or music files to PC first.
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    Can I make a Full Backup of the ROM I currently have?

    Don't use the twrp official app. Unlock your bootloader first. Boot to twrp. img and backup your data. Use ADB command or Fastboot/adb tools to do it.
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    Can I make a Full Backup of the ROM I currently have?

    There is no need to be rooted if you use TWRP for backup. For other methods like swiftbackup etc you will have to root. I have done several backup for different phones without root.
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    Can I make a Full Backup of the ROM I currently have?

    You can create an nandroid backup using twrp. Remember to delete the folder /data/extm to avoid error 255.
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    Poco F2 Pro: Restore MIUI Cloud Backup?

    Yes you can sign on to Mi account again after switch to eu rom.