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    MIUI v5 Preview

    Too bad I really liked interface with green color.
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.8.17 Changelog and JellyBean!

    I have ported the JB MIUI to HD2 almost everything is working except for MIUI security. and mobile network has to be selected manually on every reboot. any help specially with network thing is much appreciated.
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    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.22

    people facing issue with FC for root permission check this for solution
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    In Progress 2.6.22 SGS2 Freeze when ask for Root Rights and view 'Phone Info'

    check this for solution
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    I have found the solution you will have to change <string name="HIPS_SecurityPrompt_ROOT_Step1">Do you wish to allow %1$d to get ROOT permission?</string> to <string name="HIPS_SecurityPrompt_ROOT_Step1">Do you wish to allow %1$s to get ROOT permission?</string> and should work fine...
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    What is Customize Attribution new Feature in 10.21

    Hi Can someone tell me what is Customize Attribution and how to use it it is a new feature added in today's build but figure out what it does.
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    Browser search returns results through google in chinese o.0

    Ths hapens to me when I enable bandwidth saving mode or enable WAP mode try using Reset to Default in browser settings
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    Search in GAL from phonebook??

    try corporate address book from market
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    Over the Air Theme update

    Well From what i have seen themes available online in miui do get updated experienced it personally
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    Check out there is a news that they will port miui for HTC sensation tomorrow
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    1.9.23 HD2 CLK Won´t Boot

    What do get when you reboot the phone Sent from my HTC HD2 using the forum app
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    HTC HD2

    either file got damaged during download or when you coped it to SD card redownload the zip again.
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    Where's Google MAPS??

    you may have to change your ROMs Fingerprint. try this from here if everything fails then you can download modded version of map from here...
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    Emergency Call BUG?

    what happened when you called 112? did it not detect the number is emergency number? after reading your post i dialed 112 and it worked had to disconnect the call before it could connect since it goes to police and they would not take it lightly.
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    MIUI 1.8.26 not detecting correct time zone

    Installed MIUI 1.8.26 HD2 from scratch i mean task29 wipe etc. till last week ie MIUI 1.8.19 date, time and time zone was automatically taken from mobile network, but with latest build even tho it takes correct time and date time zone defaults to UTC. which mean if time in your country is...