MIUI 1.8.26 not detecting correct time zone


Apr 12, 2011
Installed MIUI 1.8.26 HD2 from scratch i mean task29 wipe etc.

till last week ie MIUI 1.8.19 date, time and time zone was automatically taken from mobile network, but with latest build even tho it takes correct time and date time zone defaults to UTC. which mean if time in your country is 5:30am and you are in UTC +5.30 time zone phone will show 12:00AM. To make sure it is not operators glitch I went back to 1.8.19 and it detected correct time zone. so issue is with MIUI 1.8.26

is any body else facing this?
is there any solution besides setting timezone manually.

Update : Same problem continues in latest build as well.
I've had a similar problem with MIUI, although it can detect my time zone when I'm at my house in Nova Scotia - Atlantic Time Zone. However when I'm at work, which is roughly 20 minutes away, MIUI wants to switch to Western Argentina Time.. even though I'm still in the same time zone, same province, hell even the same county.

Switching the clock from auto to manual will sometimes temporarily fix it, but when I go back home my messages will be in the wrong order. As in, anything I send will stay at the bottom, and any messages I recieve on gtalk or sms show up at the top of my messages, rather than coming in underneath as a reply.

This has never happened with CM7, so I'm at a loss.
Same here, I am desperatly looking for having the automatic time zone feature back as I am traveling a lot from Germany to Russia, Turkey, United Arabic Emirate, Romania, etc.
Using V1.10.7 on HTC HD2

BTW is someone from MIUI reading this bug threads? I have only seen here some people reporting on the same issue but no comment from MIUI moderator???