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    Google Play Services Doesn't Work

    follow these instuctions, step by step, letter by letter: if you fail, follow the instructions aigain and try to flash 6.3.17 instead of the latest, then the wipes and after that update to the latest...
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    Instruction, How Root Your Mipad2

    hi Papka, i rooted and then made a reflash to latest rom. now when i do this root procedure again, after the tablet restarts the supersu apk is missing. i install it from the playstore and it tells me no su binaries are installed ... what can be the problem?
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    No Miui 8 For Mipad 2 ? Oh God Why ???

    intel soc for handheld/android is dead, the tablet was released for windows 10 mainly ...
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    Question About Bootloader...

    might be an older chinese stable ... but try it, unlocking bootloader isnt the hardest thing on the mipad 2. i would do a complete wipe and even would reflash the recovery ...
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    Bugs To Be Confirmed.

    i will confirm these to help the community, tho 4 out of the 5 bug reports are about the same, i'm having gameplay issues also with vainglory, yet the tablet is highly above the minimum requirements. its strange no one posted the bug when the tablet goes dead with blackscreen, sometimes even the...
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    Ask For An Installation Guide From To

    man you saved the day !!! looks like the whole problem is from the new latte rom ... if you have any tutorial with this you can update them ... omg im so happy. thank you man !!! im wondering if i update to the latest latte now will work?! edit: updated to the latest after that and everything...
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    Ask For An Installation Guide From To

    Ok, the only thing i can do is to try to install that certain version ... i cannot uninstall play services, at least in this version (need root maybe, since they are system apps?) Or i push back the native release first and then install 6.3.17
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    Ask For An Installation Guide From To

    there is no cache/data for this app because it is unable to start up even for one time ... there is no button for uninstall updates, even the force stop button is inactive :( i dont understand what the problem might be ... i'm starting to wonder if root is necessary ?!
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    Ask For An Installation Guide From To

    ok thanks for the support, the rom will not be rooted by default that's why i was asking and i still get the same "unfortunately, google play services stopped", check out the screenshot, no error code, nothing. if i expand it just java code stuff ... i think i switch back to win 10 and leave it...
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    Ask For An Installation Guide From To

    ok twrp works now thank you for not losing your mind over the issue like i did ... two questions; the tutorial says finally flash version 6.3.17 ... that was the latest when you made the tutorial or that certain version is essential? (i can find only 6.4.28 there) after twrp flash can i enter...
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    Ask For An Installation Guide From To

    man isnt there another solution to install twrp? i pressed the combo for 100th time and still no success ... the button is allmost broken ... if i dont succeed this way i swear im going to throw this stupid thing out of the window ... edit: the rom in the native release does not let access to...
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    Help With Mi Pad2 Black Screen

    many articles on the internet are pointing to the battery charger controller and advise to not charge the pad with the original charger. yet im having this issue allot less in wind10 than in miui ... so can be some firmware problems also. i'm waiting patiently since it its really new.
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    Ask For An Installation Guide From To

    Just a question, how can i flash a DEV rom from fastboot? I followed your tutorial; i have installed rom + twrp. But when i start the playstore it says "unfortunately stopped" I cant even get to open the playstore to see which error will i recieve ... and the battery indicator is stuck...
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    Instruction, How To Flash Twrp

    i dont really understand the tab re-started phase, can you be more specific when should i try to enter to recovery and how? "tab re-started" for me means it booted into the rom, after that holding that key combo for 5-6 seconds does nothing ...
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    Otg, Its Possible?

    Don't get me wrong man i did not meant to laugh at you or something. The impression was funny, that's all. Peace bro! :)