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    MIUI releases

    I would be careful posting anything with on this forum. They kind of ****ed Mark over (granted it ended up for the better now that we are hosted by modaco)and I think the last thing he wants to see is people promoting that site on his forum.
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    [MOD]4-Way Reboot Mod for All Devices

    Is anyone fixing this for 3.25?
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    Sync my contacts with Facebook ?

    This seems to be a known bug at least the same thing is happening to me. Sent from the amazing MIUI-dev tapatalk app!
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    Setting app specific notification tones.

    I'm on 3.25 (Nexus One 2.3.3) and it appears they have replaced the standard ringtone picker with the theme picker. I have noticed that if I set a notification tone in MMS settings, and then attempt to set a different one in GMail settings. It changes the "Default" notification tone instead of...
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    Phone call recording

    Yep. Sounds like a bug to me. I'll submit it later today.
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    Phone call recording

    This must be broken on the newest build because I have done multiple reboots with no success. What a shame. I have Google Voice, so I can record that way, but it announces to the caller that "the call is being recorded" which can put a damper on some serious conversions. Hopefully this get's fixed!
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    I Want MIUI!!!!!

    I was going to direct you here, But it looks like you've already found it. If I were you I would direct all questions to that thread. This section is for more general questions regarding MIUI, not porting questions. That's why...
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    Phone call recording

    Hmmm. What version were you on when you tested it?
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    Phone call recording

    I just recently noticed the phone recording function. Did some test recordings one with speaker on and one with it off. From what I can tell it only records what is coming through the microphone (not the speaker). On the test with speaker phone on, I got sound from the party called because it...
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    MIUI 1.3.11 Spanish Translation - Traducción al Español

    This is just... disappointing.
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    So, when do you think we can expect this Mark?
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    Meizu M9 Port...Htc Evo.

    Nope they haven't even gotten it to boot.
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    Meizu M9 Port...Htc Evo.

    Well I'm curious if any of you know about furthering the nexus port. It looks like the thread that was posted earlier is basically dead.
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    [ROM] Moviestar-MOD German for Nexus One

    How many threads are you going to make for this? Also, does this have the custom animations?