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    When you activate slow motion on my mi8 the screen flicker's
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    Are you saying that ARP is disabled, is your device a China or global?
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    I was reading back and saw someone that had upgrade then managed to downgrade on a mi8. Has the anti roll back protection been disabled? Have any others gone back to 8.1?
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    Works alright for me on my mi8
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    Yay reboot and shutdown fixed on mi8
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    Anyone having issues rebooting on Mi8?
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    MIUI 9 7.8.10 - First Miui 9

    Just had a OTA update appear.
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    Battery Drain On Standby Mode Mi5s

    Myself and a friend have noticed huge battery drain with the last 2 updates.... both on a mi5s android and android system according to the battery monitor.
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    New 4g Network Is Not Working Xiaomi.eu_multi_mi5s_7.1.5_v8-6.0

    Same here no LTE on 2 Mi5s running this ROM... We're working fine on previous build.
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    Can't Do Anything Please Help

    I had the same issue, turned out to be windows 10. I used a windows 8 machine and worked first time. Mine came with the same rom as yours and didn't have to flash anything first.
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    Wifi Calling

    Hi everyone My provider EE uk supports WiFi calling, I used it on my lumia 950. I can't seem to find the option on my mi5s running the the latest rom to turn it on.
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    Mi4c Go Back To Rom

    Cheers for the heads up... Ive now gone back to rom. I did have a pants filled moment stuck at the MI screen, but just re-flashed again
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    Mi4c Go Back To Rom

    How would I find out... I take it android 6 does something with them?
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    Mi4c Go Back To Rom

    Hi Guys Ive installed the Cyanogenmod 13 on my Mi4c but would like to go back to the .EU rom. Is this an easy task...Just a case of booting to TWRP clear everything and flash from there? Thanks
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    Mi4c New User - Please Help?

    Hey Bryan Thank you for your guide... worked perfectly :)