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    MIUI 12.3 20.12.9/10

    Mi9T, all three color schemes under the display options are the same saturated. Standard for example, the same saturation...
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    There is some translation upgrades for my 9T Pro with this re-uplaoded rom (Hungarian lang), so i think you could just install it :)
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    Invalid Redmi Note 6 Pro contrast bug when restart

    When i restart the phone, the screen contrast is going cold - blue, but its still on Standard in the settings. I need to select Automatic or Increased contrast setting, and then seelct Standard contrast again to repair it. Happening at every restart, since the first beta rom on this phone, and...
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    New RN6Pro Display color temperature messed after reboot

    When i restart my phone, color temp is bluish. I go to settings, checked and color temp is set to standard (warm), but its bluish. If i set it to automatic, and then back to standard, everything is correct again... So after a reboot, color temp is change itself, doesnt matter what is set before...
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    PitchBlack recovery project

    Working, finally i can install rom.
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    MIUI10 ROM now available - how to flash?

    Not working... unable to mount /data. Cannot format data or install the rom. I tried with 4 twrp versions.
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    MIUI10 ROM now available - how to flash?

    Thank you, i'll try it :)
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    MIUI10 ROM now available - how to flash?

    Can you please tell me how to install eu rom on redmi note 6 pro? I cant install with unofficial twrp-s. And also cant find anything on XDA about that. Thank you!
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    MIUI10 ROM now available - how to flash?

    Hello! There is no official twrp for this phone. I tried one ported twrp (from note5, xda source for note6pro), not working, error 7. I tried orange fox twrp, installed the rom, its doesnt boot up after 20 minutes, just rebooting to twrp. What to do? Its my 4th Xiaomi model, i always used the...
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    Miui 10

    Hi! When miui 10 is coming to this device? Thanks
  11. S China Stable Is Comming

    And when its coming? :)
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    MI Note 3 Black 6/64

    MI Note 3 Black 6/64
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    MI Note 3 Black 6/64 stable

    MI Note 3 Black 6/64 stable
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    Hello! Thank you guys for your hard work! ;) Mi Note 3 jason china stable is out, when is eu stable expected? One more question: camera optimizes only for Mi6, or Note 3 and other devices too? I read somewhere the optimizations already implemented in stable for Mi Note 3. Thanks!
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    This camera optimizations for all the devices, or just for mi6? Also implemented in Nougat, or not?