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    wow havent been on the forums properly in awhile

    wow havent been on the forums properly in awhile
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    Animation for rotation.

    the best ways to contact them is form their official twitter @miuirom or though @miuiandroid or by going to their facebook page
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    Do you buy MI-ONE?

    you do know if you get scammed by ordering from third part companies xiaomi said they only sell though their website
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    Ice Cream Sandwich

    as soon as ics is released and they get to work on the miui rom update for 4.0 it will take them around 2-3 months of work but they will still update the normal rom until they are done then they would make the new version mix with the 2.3 version
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    LG Optimus Black MIUI?

    The best way to try to get the busy developers of the offical miui rom to support the phone is to either ask them on twitter or ask them though facebook or you can go over to xda and ask a dev to make you a port but it will not be a official rom and it may have performance issues
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    Ice Cream Sandwich

    i cant get the nexus prime or galaxy nexus this year contract ends next year october :( so will get the next nexus
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    I would like to help with the English translation.

    you can also ask mark on twitter @miuiandroid to see if he needs any help with the translations
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    What devices are likely to be supported by MIUI\Cyanogen in the near or far future??

    when you buy new phones you have to bare in mind that it will take a few months for devs to support the phone if you want a good phone which is almost fully suported buy the new samsung galaxy 2 also cyanogenmod team only recently stopped support for the htc dream (g1) so phones like the samsung...
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    Facebook Iike

    dont you mean that they should make a facebook group so that you can like it ?
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    Gameloft and other applications not showing in market

    all i can recommend is to wipe the dalvik cache and reflash miui
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    Buying the Mi-One

    xiaomi said the only way to order the phone is though their official website and they said they are also currently dealing with their 300,000 orders so you might have to wait till the end of this month
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    I'm Sorry

    miui has evolved far more than you can comprehend calling it childish lol you make me laugh
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    MIUIANDROID.COM are not DEVELOPING miui roms well

    why did you post this in the general chat when this is mostly affecting the motorola defy ask a mod to move it to the defy section
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    miui has officaily said the only place to buy the phone is though them
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    Gallery hidden folder sercurity?

    you can try a app called zdbox but it only can put passwords on the app itself