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    New [9.10.31] [WHYRED] Every reboot problem with something similar to blue light filter (?)

    Hello I have problem on latest 9.10.31. Every reboot I feel like blue light filter activates by itself, the colors are much darker. After I lock and unlock screen problem is gone to next reboot. Can't make ss, because this isn't visible on screenshot.... And no, this isn't about auto brightness.
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    [Request] Replace stock Phone, Contacts and Messaging with Google ones

    If you want these install EEA ROM
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    any way to Install china theme store?

    Can you make this as a Magisk module ?
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    "Find device storage corrupted. Your device is unsafe now" after enabling encryption. does not support encryption. If you want encryption flash Global ROM.
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    any way to Install china theme store?

    Can i ask for updated version of patch ? @Igor Eisberg
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    Resolved Bug App calculator un Pocophon F1

    On global only phones there is needed fix which was posted on miui polska
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    ReUnlocking converted A2 (6X)

    That info is outdated since you cannot roll back to android one AFAIK. Ask on xda can you roll back to android one before flashing anything.
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    ReUnlocking converted A2 (6X)

    You can ask on XDA Dev I read that it depends on which rom you triggered ARBv4 - Android one or MIUI
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    ReUnlocking converted A2 (6X)

    Seems you have no option to rollback to Adroid One :(
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    ReUnlocking converted A2 (6X)

    NEVER EVER lock bootloader after flashing custom ROM! Lock bootloader only after flashing Pure Stock ROM for Mi A2 Also if you want to install ROM other than miui first flash Mi A2 Stock ROM on your device.
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    ReUnlocking converted A2 (6X)

    If you don't want brick never ever lock bootloader on Mi A2 with 6x ROM. To use EDL you need authorized account. Without authorization it won't work for you.
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    There is new official TWRP version for whyred which now works with miui pie. ROM has nothing to do with this. EDIT: They included red wolf in zip. That's why recovery will be replaced after flashing this weekly.
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    Invalid [9.3.28 and never] [WHYRED] [Redmi Note 5 (Pro)] Boot screen (splash.img) stretched

    Dirty or clean flash ? Boot logo is same size as boot animation ?