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    New Solution for low volume headphones

    Using Xiaomi.EU Beta 9.8.9 on Redmi Note 7, I realized that my audio is extremely low when using a headset, even with apps like Viper or Dolby. The solution is to change a line using a build editor (you need to root), look for the ro.miui.region line and change it to BR and you will get your...
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    Help!!! Quiet sound through headphones(((

    It worked for me. My sound was extremely low when I was wearing a headset. I changed the value to BR and it got high as magic.
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    [WEEKLY] Confirmed Issues & FAQ

    My music is extremely löw when I listen through the headset.
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    New [9.8.9] Proxymity sensor issue

    I am also having problems with the sensor. I can solve using calibration apps but it won't work again when I restart the phone. Applications like Cpu Z or Aida64 do not recognize that the device has a proximity sensor. I use Redmi Note 7 too! Sorry my bad english