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    MIUI Recovery Error when Updating

    Which type of Recovery do I need to successfully Auto Update my MIUI Rom? When I open the Updater App, and press Update Now, it will restart into Recovery. But I always get an error: ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0 Waiting for SD Card to mount (20s) SD Card Mounted... Verifying SD...
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    OTA Update not working [UPDATE!!]

    Did you download it with ROM Manager or the default Updater App?
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    OTA Update not working [UPDATE!!]

    Today (23-09-2011 13:25) I checked for an Update with ROM Manager, It said there wasn't an Update available. Also when I looked in the category "Download ROM", there was still the 1.9.16 update. After that i opened the default Updater App and I started to check for Updates.. After that I got a...
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    Take pictures with the Volume Buttons

    Is there a way to remap the Volume button so that it can take Pictures? But the most important question: Can you do this without disabling the Volume Control? There is an Application for Remapping Buttons but after changing the Volume buttons, the Volume control is disabled. LINK Can...
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    OTA Update not working [UPDATE!!]

    Same here, anyone has a mirror?
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    OTA Update not working [UPDATE!!]

    When I open the default Update App (with the Green Arrow), it's checking for updates After that it automatically begins to download the latest version (1.9.16) After that I choose the option to update, and it will restart into Recovery so it should install the ROM. But I'll get an error...