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    Arabic and Persian RTL Fix - 30-10-2011 HUGE UPDATE!!

    Hello This patch does not support Uighur! Uighur and Arabic are very similar, and sent a few letters I want to modify the the Reshape code to support the Uighur Can you help me?
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    Arabic rtl patch help!

    0649 should be like this: {0x0649, 0x0804, 0xFEEF, 0xFEF0, 0xFBE8, 0xFBE9}, 06D5 should be like this: {0x06D5, 0x0881, 0xFBEC, 0xFBED, 0xFEEA, 0xFEE9}, Because I was not the application developer, it is not possible to solve this problem, onlysolution to this extent. Please master to help me...
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    Arabic rtl patch help!

    I found some code from the governance (thanks to the help provided by Emad Sammour) This code seems to be the Arabic from the molding code, add the following two-letter...
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    Arabic rtl patch help!

    Hello, everyone! I do not understand English, so the content is translated by Google Translate! I hope you understand! My question is: I am a Uighur (a nation). I have MIUI translated into Uighur. Now it matter - with Arabic Uyghur - from right to left to write! I used roenano the RTL Fix...