Arabic rtl patch help!


Jan 21, 2012
Hello, everyone!
I do not understand English, so the content is translated by Google Translate! I hope you understand!

My question is:
I am a Uighur (a nation).
I have MIUI translated into Uighur.
Now it matter - with Arabic Uyghur - from right to left to write!
I used roenano the RTL Fix (thank roenano) our text than the original lot, the original MIUI Uighur supportis not very good, can be said that does not support the use of a roenano the RTL Fix a lot better, becauseour letters is 95% similar to the Arabic alphabet.
Uighur two letters connected with the Arabic is not the same, now connect these two letters there is a problem, so I can not publish my the MIUI Uighur version of these two letters
ئە and ى
0649 should be like this:
{0x0649, 0x0804, 0xFEEF, 0xFEF0, 0xFBE8, 0xFBE9},

06D5 should be like this:
{0x06D5, 0x0881, 0xFBEC, 0xFBED, 0xFEEA, 0xFEE9},

Because I was not the application developer, it is not possible to solve this problem, onlysolution to this extent.
Please master to help me solve this problem!
, MIUI-RTL-T9-Script-V5 letters to connectespecially chaotic, the most appropriate Uighur
MIUI-RTL-T9-Bundle-Beta2.4 connectionrules of the two letters above the Sword!

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