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    Dell Streak MiUI

    Still nothing :( Sent from my Formels Nexus One using the Forums App
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    Dell Streak MiUI

    Steve uploaded a new update to fix wifi :) apart from that its a waiting game... 2011 is looking very romtastic in streakville though :)
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    Dell Streak MiUI

    I made a theme for you on modaco :) found a way to turn led lights off. Check threads :)
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    Dell Streak MiUI

    Its like a ghost town here! Hopefully it'll live up when we go beta :) my wifi is fixed now :D did you look at the XDA thread? Im tina333 on XDA and tina3 on modaco. Are you the same username?
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    Dell Streak MiUI

    +1 if I could get the wifi to work id be able to put up with most bugs and be able to test it (zero knowledge of programming or dev work but I've got google wrapped around my little finger :)) there's a thread on XDA too miui XDA Steves...
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    How do I increase the max mms size in the messaging app

    Chomp app let's you in settings :)
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    Apps are frozen in download state

    Try Settings/manage applications/tap all/find download manager/uninstall updates. If that didn't work find market/uninstall updates. Works for me everytime :)
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    I think it because system apps are protected but yeah if you have root then you can uninstall via third party app or arbitrary then install as normal.