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    Meizu M9 Port...Htc Evo.

    Foot in bad, didnt understand you ported it....I didnt mean disrespect with the comparison. It just looks quite similar...and for the record an unthemed MIUI is not very impressive either... Perhaps at some point someone can take a few minutes to do a pro's/con's of the Meizu?
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    Meizu M9 Port...Htc Evo.

    Why is the Meizu better then MIUI? To me the screen shots make it look like a poor man's MIUI.... ...maybe I'm just a proud parent that doesnt think their child is ugly though...
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    Miui camera

    Thanks Mark!
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    How To Properly Say "miui"?

    I pronounce it "Best ROM out"
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    Battery life question.

    I'm using Savage and getting crazy good battery life (15 hours or so with moderate usage). Although I do underclock to 720 b/c MIUI is still so snappy you can
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    SD card dead, MIUI wont boot, what shall I do with a new one?

    This caused my life a living hell for 2 days. Honestly there is a lot of conflicting data out there on if you should partition cards now or not. If you have a RA backup with EXT then you'll be fine. If not then you'll prob have to start from scratch.
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    Facebook Contacts Sync

    It's not a facebook sync problem. Pictures come up fine in the contacts, they dont show up in messages. I hear its something in 19 that caused it.