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    installing rom

    thank you for your answer! appreciate it, but one last question. if i follow all these steps until magisk and do that (or until the trwp), do i still have to install the rom after that? or was that included there? thank you for your time!
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    installing rom

    so i'm a bit confused with installing the rom on my mi mix 2s do i always have to first unlock the phone? with the 72 hour waiting period after its unlocked i just need to follow the steps here ? like download the app or do it with...
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    getting soon my pocophone and have some questions

    so im switching from my redmi note 4x to a pocophone f1 and even with searching i couldnt find exact answers to some questions. (am from germany) first of all is the face recognition, is it still only locked for india, hong kong, etc.? or is it maybe global now? if its still only available if...