getting soon my pocophone and have some questions


Feb 16, 2019
so im switching from my redmi note 4x to a pocophone f1 and even with searching i couldnt find exact answers to some questions. (am from germany)

first of all is the face recognition, is it still only locked for india, hong kong, etc.? or is it maybe global now?
if its still only available if you select these countrys, is there some workaround possible so it will work even with another region?
would it be the best idea to flash it when i get it? and if i flash it, do i have to manually update it every week? or is it like auotmatically updating?

i hope you can answer me some or all of these questions and i appreciate every help and answer i can get! thanks in advance


May 28, 2016
Face unlock works fine with rom.
I recommend to use weekly, its my daily driver.
How to install? Unlock, install TWRP, Flash.
1000+ Tutorials online.