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    You should make some changes inside the zip. The default route in your zip is /system/media/audio/ui and should be /product/media/audio/ui
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    Puedo hacer downgrade de ROM Xiaomi .eu?

    Hi! This forum is in English man. But anyways I'll translate for you: Hi guys, recently I installed the last version of MIUI 12 STABLE with Android 11, but I saw that it was very buggy, even sometimes is impossible to use normally. I wannaknow if I can flash a previous ROM the same way we...
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    Any chance to get Magic Clone or Magic Kaleidoscope on Redmi Note 9 Pro?

    Hello, is there any chance to get the new features in our MIUI 12 Firmware?? I see that Camera version is 4.0, and version 4.2 is rolling out from APK mirror but even if I turn on Developer Mode, USB Debugging and Install via USB (Security settings) and I try installing via ADB, the result is...
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    MIUI 11/12 Stock Font

    Hi! I'm actually editing the font Mi Lan Pro to add the unique letter I need for now for my language (the Ñ and ñ). I am using font forge but I see that there's only one kind and every time I'm trying to export the font with the new mod, the file loses a lot of weight and the font looks thinner...
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    Call recording for ROM for note 9 pro global

    I didn't know that you can enable automatic call recording, until now. So useful, thanks a lot!
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    Note 9 pro Theme store crash

    Mostly UI improvements and new features. You can try some of the MIUI12 apps features installing the APK vía ADB, enabling "Install via USB" in developer mode to make it work.
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    Note 9 pro Theme store crash

    That's nice :3 well, I hope they fix it soon with the next update, I'm on global Joyeuse and I'm still waiting for MIUI 12 :(
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    Note 9 pro Theme store crash

    You can change the region to India if you want to use 3rd party themes without any problems. Please try this way and tell me if it worked for you.
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    Note 9 pro Theme store crash

    The only way I got the app working is downloading the "GetApps" app from here: Then, as an optional step, you can change your region to "India" or not, to get the Theme app update and other apps update without any problems. You'll notice some...
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    How to Update Joyeuse EU ROM from to

    I just upgraded my firmware using the TWRP from here and without problems, everything is super fine. Even Magisk is running like a charm.
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    [QUESTION] [JOYEUSE] ( Modding System Files without getting stuck on Fastboot mode.

    Well... finally I noticed that I can only apply mods systemlessly with Magisk modules. Afortunately I found the mods I needed and I even kept my banking special features without problems. It seems that Android 10 doesn't allow to mod System directly. Anyways, I solved my problem and I'm happy :)
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    [QUESTION] [JOYEUSE] ( Modding System Files without getting stuck on Fastboot mode.

    I tried but without sucess... I even used a terminal emulator to mount /system as Rewritable and I got this: And I see the same as you told me before. Android Q is not supported for writing the system. That sucks!
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    [QUESTION] [JOYEUSE] ( Modding System Files without getting stuck on Fastboot mode.

    Well, unfortunately, it doesn't work with root explorer on Joyeuse. I don't know what am I doing wrong. I gave root privileges and after I copy a file to system, the app says that everything was correct, but after that, I see that the file was not replaced really.
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    [QUESTION] [JOYEUSE] ( Modding System Files without getting stuck on Fastboot mode.

    So are you telling me that I need to give root privileges to Root Explorer as usual, make the mod and then remove all the privileges before reseting the phone?