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    Gapps to Mi-One

    Rename the zip once again to, flash it and tadaa!
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    Gapps to Mi-One

    By renaming it and flashing it in recovery. Sent from my MI-ONE Plus using Tapatalk 2
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    Gapps to Mi-One

    Hey, this might be a silly question but here we go: The thing is I really can't get gapps to work in my m1 after flashing latest ROM. I tried flashing the gapps-ics-20120429-signed and tried also to include it to rom but still no effect. Anyone else having troubles with this issue?
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    wrong time on reboot

    Happens me to sometimes, fixable by unselecting and reselecting "Automatic date & time" setting. Seems like phone adds extra "daylight saving time" on reboot.
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    Random restarts & kernel panic

    My Mi-One has been doing this for months, I replaced a battery with a replacement bought from dealxtreme and it made the boot occur less. Anyway it didn't fix the problem fully and seems like it has something to do with connection between battery and phone.
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    Xiaomi guide to install and Brush tool

    Please re-upload original files (ROMs and MiFlash) to other, faster FTP so people out side from China are able to download em. At the moment download time from original ftp is near 4 hours. I am currently trying to fix kernel panic problem with clean installation!
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    In Progress HELP, I Only Get 2G On MIUI Software

    I haven't had 3G for long time now, allthough I've double and triple checked my APN settings. They are also automatically loaded through operator. I'm having 2G all the time!
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    Mi-One Battery

    Your English is really good enough to explain the solution! I am now going to try this idea and see if the problem is solved. Anyway if this is not working i am going to buy a cheap replacement to original battery to see if that fixes the problem. I've suspected something like this already for a...
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    Mi-One Battery Does this tell you anything? It's pretty random so hard to get the exact point of the crash to log!
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    Mi-One Battery

    I am starting to think this problem is caused by hardware problem since I am currently running newest MIUI 2.6.1. The crashes are random. It can happen anytime anywhere even if the phone is in my pocket. (It happened in GB ROM as well as in all ICS ROMS) Is there anyway to get debug log or...
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    Mi-One Battery

    Ye it's pretty much random, it sometimes happens more often and sometimes rarely. Anyway I will later check out what Swos suggested!
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    Mi-One Battery

    "data/system" is empty? :D
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    Mi-One Battery

    A stupid question now: HOW? :)
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    Mi-One Battery

    Hey! I don't know about other users here having M1 but my phone has something seriously wrong with the battery. Many times a day my phone keeps restarting without any warning (esp. when calling) and after the phone boots again the battery is almost empty. Anyone else experienced same? Here...
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    In Progress Honor 8860 cannot connect to gsm network (no service)

    I had the exact same problem, I used to have my SIM card without PIN-code, so I turned the PIN back on and restarted the phone -> registering the network = WIN. Dno what is the problem behind this.