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    Network / Band 28

    Hello, I have a Redmi K20 Pro, CN version, this version does not have the band 28 (700MHz) enabled 4G LTE. Could you let me know if it's possible to enable this band? And how do I do this? Anyway thanks for the help!
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    Mi8 problems with Google voice.
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    Hello friends, first of all I want to thank everyone for their efforts to update the Roms regularly. Now I want to choose some bugs that I noticed in the installation of rom 8.10.11 in Mi 8 (Dipper): _ Problems in viewing some app icons; _ The flashlight is activated but is not marked as on; _...
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    No notifications of new messages in whatsapp icon. When I open the app there are several new conversations !!! Thank you team Xiaomi.EU for your work. Mi 8 (Dipper)
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    Hello friends, first of all thank you for your commitment to the work of the ROMs, thank you very much. ✔️Transmission of Wi-Fi / mobile networks resolved, before having to turn on airplane mode or restart the device. ❌I noticed that this update has no notification on the WhatsApp icon. ❌Even...
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    Mi8 (Dipper), Bluetooth is not working!
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    Hello, how are you? Will this new version be available for the Mi8? I only found it for the Mi8SE and Mi8 Exp Edition ...
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    V8.8.3 for Mi8?
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    thanks for your answer
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    In Miui 10 v.8.7.26 is everything okay or do you need to install these applications as well?
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    Olá, sou novo aqui e estou aguardando a chegada do meu Mi8 Rom China, e atualizarei com seu Rom! Você não tem mais coisas funcionando, como eu faço outras falhas com outros Roms sem desbloqueio facial e outros. Para funcionar, o desbloqueio facial tem que mudar sua região para a Índia ou China...