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    MIUI 5 stops apps from starting?

    I'm using a Nexus 4 on MIUI v5 (3.8.9) and even though I entered App Control and added apps such as Quiet Sleep and AccuWeather, they do not display details in the status bar and from I see Quiet Sleep never actually starts. In customise status bar notification, all apps are allowed.
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    Changing tabs colour?

    When you enter settings or File Explorer in the GB version there are black tabs along the top and I am wondering how I go about changing it and wondered if it's possible to get an iPhone style incoming call theme so you have the green/red accept/reject buttons?
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    Release MIUI ROM 2.3.30 ROMS [ICS] & [GB]

    well mega nice
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    Cannot boot to recovery

    I am using MIUI 239 on a Galaxy S2 and I reboot to recovery by push the hardware buttons on the phone I am no longer greeted with CWM, instead its ODIN mode, how do get CWM back? I know it's installed because I have used it though Rom Manager.
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    Go Launcher app draw?

    Is it possible to have gone launcher without using an appointment draw so it's similar to miui Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
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    Launcher Mod weekly updates.

    can anyone update the screen shots?
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    what is kang miui?

    I saw on the miui phone stats that kang miui was the most popular, what is it?
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    Scrollable Dock / Long Press to Uninstall App

    I would love to see a scrollable dock and be able to long press an app and press a little red X like on Go Luancher to uninstall the app.
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Ok this seemed to work but had to reboot 3 times. Weird.
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    [NEW] Notification system, Lockscreen & Status Bar MOD

    that would be really good!
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    I'm on an s2 running and the extended controls don't do anything
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    wood dock background

    I am using go launcher and woukd like the stock wood effect dock background but not sure where it is located
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    Possible to to change status bar colour and have scrollable dock?

    I am using miui 2.3.7 and would like to know if I can change the semi transparent status bar on the home screen and also is there somethihng I can do to have a scrollable dock?
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    Resolved More 2.3.23 bugs

    Sorry I mean where can I find v3 rom
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    Resolved More 2.3.23 bugs

    Where would I find v3?