MIUI 5 stops apps from starting?


Feb 19, 2012
I'm using a Nexus 4 on MIUI v5 (3.8.9) and even though I entered App Control and added apps such as Quiet Sleep and AccuWeather, they do not display details in the status bar and from I see Quiet Sleep never actually starts. In customise status bar notification, all apps are allowed.
I have the same issue ...I installed android lost or other find my device app..I can't get them to work unless I run the app first. So whenever I reboot it doesn't work..I tried put it on auto start doesn't help...weird I'm not sure it miui coz when I'm on android they don't do this.
Another app is Viber message I already tick notification ON ..new message doesn't notify until I have Viber running first or start app first. Weird.
Seems like most app do that ..isn't just my mi2s or anyone coz I live in Australia can't get another xiaomi phone to test coz most my friends using Samsung, apple lol
Have you guys enabled the apps to autostart? There is an autostarts app that comes with MIUI which enables you to do this.