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    Stuck on TWRP

    When you are done flashing custom recov, but still in the stock rom and you accidentally reboot the phone.. the stock rom will over-write the existing custom recov to go back in default, so you must flash the ROM immediately after flashing custom recov.. you can flash the custom recov again and...
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    POCO xiaomi eu 12.5

    Can you make a tutorial thread about this ? so others will fully inform about this...
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    New POCO M3 > 12.0.9 EU issue | Come in guys!!

    No i just want to Reflash|Dirty Flash it again the rom that i already have, because I have made a big mistake hehehe Btw bro thank you for your help and feedback appreciate you <3
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    New POCO M3 > 12.0.9 EU issue | Come in guys!!

    Good Evening Guys May i ask a question on how to fix my problem, Okay here it goes I Try to Dirty Flash again my current ROM, the version is 12.0.9 which is the latest released of .EU for my devices [POCO M3] and i ended sucessfully.. The issue that i've been encountered is The PlayStore is...
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    Is it worth upgrading (MIUI 12 - android 10) to (MIUI 12.5 android 11)?

    Our Latest Update for 12.5 in our phone is not real.. It's Still 12.0.x modified only to add some feature and look like 12.5 12.0.x is still android 10.. **Correct me if i'm wrong
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    POCO xiaomi eu 12.5

    Ohh i see, i thought you do something else hhaha
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    POCO xiaomi eu 12.5

    How did you do it.. ?
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    POCO xiaomi eu 12.5

    It works in you ? How ?
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    POCO xiaomi eu 12.5

    They said you cannot flash different Firmware, even the device is almost the same.. They have different Bootloader and boot.img, if im not mistaken..
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    Just a lil laggy

    Its okay just ignore it.. with root you can install more tweak, and lag is not a problem anymore
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    Should i install rom?

    Yes.. but viber, i didn't tested it yet..
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Here in our country, We have V12.0.8 [Citrus Global] already been released and the logs said.. : Update to System Security Patch May 2021
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Poco M3 released 12.0.8 last week, i hope the EU too will update soon..
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    newby willing to update

    They Have French Bro, Take a Look :D Note: I Have POCO M3, Running on EU 12.0.6.. i guess they all have a translation in all EU Released already..
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    Bloatware with EU.Rom

    Bro.. Mi Browser is fastest than Google in terms of speed and download, Even I don't know what is going on.. But I Try and Tested it in my POCO M3..