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    Can't paste text into Password fields

    Hey there, do you experience this issue since updating to 9.7.25? This "effect" came all of a sudden on my device and not immediately after updating to 9.5.30.
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    Can't paste text into Password fields

    So after updating to the latest Beta (9.7.18) and downgrading to the latest Stable, I'm back on 9.6.27 and I'm still unable to paste copied text into password fields on any version I've installed. Any help on this issue is heavly appreciated.
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    Still unable to paste text into a password field of any app I have to input login credentials. *sigh* Using this build on a Mi8 and this issue exists since 9.5.30.
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    Can't paste text into Password fields

    Hey there, I'm on 9.5.30 (Mi8) and I'm experiencing the issue, that I'm unable to paste copied text (Bitwarden) into the password field of any App where I have to put in my credentials to. Any other field (Login, Optional, simple text, etc.) works. Is anyone experiencing a similiar issue? Since...
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    Enabling volTe

    Enable it with a Magisk Module.
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    European ROM

    It's a multilanguage ROM. Therefore spanish is already included and you can install it right away.
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    [04/04/2019] [MI 8 *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*] Xiaomi MI 8 *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* Mod (Stable) [BSG]

    Does anyone know how to use Portrait Mode properly? No matter what I do, it only takes one picture with no "blur effect" in a Smartburst directory whatsoever. Am I missing some important setting or usage? I'm using MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2b_plus3 right now and everything, except of Portrait Mode, is...
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    Increasing Bluetooth Master Volume

    Hi, is there any method to increase the Master Volume on Bluetooth devices? On Bluetooth Headphones, the volume seems pretty low compared to wired headphones (using Mi8 with USB-C) and I don't want to mess around with Magisk or other mods.
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    New [WEEKLY]Xiaomi MI 8 on 8.12.7 wireless issue

    Hey, I have the same issue that overall network speed seems to be very sluggish. After a factory reset and flashing 8.12.7, it took me almost 6 minutes to download the Facebook app from the Google Store and opening websites and mails always takes between 2 up to 10 seconds. Going back to...