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    Mi 10 Lite / Youth Edition (Lite Zoom)

    mi10 lite is monet mi10 lite zoom or mi 10 lite youth is vangogh monet is not (yet) on the list flashing the vangogh rom on monet device doesnt work
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    New Mi 9se unlock bug

    The screen reacts as the "green" light comes up. So probably not a hardware problem but more a software problem.
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    New Mi 9se unlock bug

    Not sure probably a bit earlier as I bought it in the beginning of April 2019 But why march ? @Igor Eisberg thanks for clearing that assumption
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    New Mi 9se unlock bug

    Since the weekly refresh of 2 weeks ago (last release of July 2020-07-30) My phone (grus running 2020-08-06) doesn't unlock /reacts anymore and needs a reboot by power button to start working again The screen reacts (green light comes up to light up fungerprint, but without the fingerprint...
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    Making favourite contacts ring always

    I'm looking for the function In which a favourite contact can overrule the silent and/or do not disturb mode This was possible by adding rules in android but I can't seam to find the option in miui
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    MIUI 12.1 20.6.18

    dirty flash mi 9se works fine offtopic; will android 11 be released on the 5th of september ?? as the 2018 devices will be not supported
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    New Phone sends texts to Xiaomi

    Hey I changed sim provider last Thursday And strangely (don't know if related) enough 2 texts were send to the 2 phone numbers in the attachment +447786209730 +447491163443 I don't see them being send in the messages app only in my online provider account Both numbers come back as Xiaomi...
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.28

    Dirty flash mi9 se seems to be working fine
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.21

    Dirty flashed last night mi9se Certain apps like Gmail still not working with gestures
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    24h Dynamic Wallpaper for MIUI 12

    Swipe up and you'll be able to download them
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    24h Dynamic Wallpaper for MIUI 12

    go into settings -> themes -> my themes and their titles start with 24h or go into settings -> themes -> slide up and then downloadable themes are loaded and the ones starting with 24h are dynamic
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    Miui 12

    please write in english (by using google translate ) poco support was stopped somewhere last year so no xiaomi dev roms for this phones. so unfortuantly there probably won't be a miui 12 release for the F1
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    24h Dynamic Wallpaper for MIUI 12

    those can be "reactivated" through themes (on my Mi 9 SE )
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    24h Dynamic Wallpaper for MIUI 12

    question has been answered multiple times dynamic wallpapers are linked to one processor
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    Does MIUI12 has Super Wallpaper?