1. ploppen

    New Redmi note 9 pro - Facebook link bug?

    Phone; Redmi Note 9 Pro MIUI version: Stable (SJZEUXM) Android 12 Sorry if i post this in the wrong channel. I cant open links in external browsers from the Facebook app, from Brave browser its fine, Youtube, Reddit and other stuff opens up the app when i click on links i find on...
  2. D

    How to restore MIUI default recovery on Android 12 ?

    Hello. i have a Redmi K40S. I have installed ROM Xiaomi.EU 13.0.7 via fastboot (in this version its recovery is the default MIUI recovery). Update 13.0.10 is now available via recovery mode. I used this method to update : in fastboot. I used fastboot boot twrp.img The phone then booted into twrp...
  3. KAS_RU

    New Bug Telegram! - Mi11Lite5G - MIUI13 - 21.12.29 - Android 12

    I can't send a photo in a Telegram, I get an exclamation mark. Sending photos is only possible via "Send photos without compression". + I can't send round videos, I get an error (exclamation mark). Such glitches occur since the first firmware version on Android 12. That is, many updates have...
  4. N

    K30 5g any issue on Android 12?

    I have not updated to weekly rom since Android 12 release, do you have any issue with Android 12 on K30 5g?