New Redmi note 9 pro - Facebook link bug?


Oct 1, 2023
Phone; Redmi Note 9 Pro
MIUI version: Stable (SJZEUXM)
Android 12

Sorry if i post this in the wrong channel.
I cant open links in external browsers from the Facebook app, from Brave browser its fine, Youtube, Reddit and other stuff opens up the app when i click on links i find on Brave. From the looks from the settings i've found under Facebook settings>Media, standard apps in MIUI app settings and Hidden settings for MIUI app, everything is fine and nothing really to enable.

Every thread i can find about this related to other miui versions and Xiaomi phones, everyone else seems to get it working with Hidden settings and just toggle some settings off and on. Maybe there is some settings that i cant find with the language barrier and differences between phones. Im not really that tech savy either.

Despite having checked if every link, like is verified, it only opens up in Facebooks own browser. Tried several times to enable, disable, settings and then click Youtube links from my Facebook feed. No luck.