battery indicator

  1. N

    STATUS BAR: how to move Clock and Alarm icon to the right side in Status Bar

    Is there a way I can move the clock and the alarm icon from the left to the right side of the status bar, together with the battery indicator? I believe that the left side should remain for the needs of the user items while these appear as the system items. It seems as logical request. In that...
  2. E

    New Bug with battery percentage icon

    Hey, I've got a mi8. After the latest update being installed (9.3.28) I'm facing a strange bug. If you look at the notification bar you will see a battery with green status that indicates charging process but if I swipe down there will be a normal indicator without any charging processes. What...
  3. zagrobelny

    Invalid Battery indicator percentage in every dev rom

    You can`t enable the battery percent option next to the battery symbol in every dev rom This option occurs in the global firmware in xiaomi and all version of android any rom and every smartphone brand. Can you add this option? Very useful if someone has poor eyesight. The percentage...