1. A

    New Bug on YouTube

    After updating to version 22.6.22 on YouTube, the bugs started flashing on the black screen for 3-4 seconds, it stops getting rich if you translate the video to full screen mode Device: Mi 11 Lite 5G (Renoir)
  2. J

    New System UI crashes every time when I slide down floating notification

    Hi! I would like to post a bug to my POCO X3 NFC. I flashed the xiaomi.eu 12.5.5 rom (surya) in clean (with format data) through twrp. I noticed recently that when i slide down my floating notifications to open my Gmail the system crashes and then shows a black screen. It also occur in other...
  3. A

    New Lock screen sound delay

    When I lock my lock screen the sound is delayed about 1 sec. Is there any solution to this? It really bothers me.
  4. B

    Vacuum Mop 1C turns 45 degreece on start

    Hi My vacuum (mop 1c),without a reason, started to turn right when starting to clean. This is the sequence: I press start Vacuum moves back from dock Turs around 180 degreece as always. IT should move forward but it turns 45 degreece to the right and then moves in that direction. On The map it...
  5. Í

    Qual é a melhor atualização

    Ola pessoal queria saber qual atualização faz o celular poco m3 não morrer
  6. cescvicious

    Mi Gallery Crashing on 12.5 Stable ROM

    Hello guys, i just installed the Stable ROM for my Mi Note 10 non-root, and everything seems to work just fine, except for the fact that my Mi Gallery App won't open, everytime i tap on the icon it just goes black screen for half a second and closes by itself, no crash message tho. So i need...
  7. K

    Invalid Reading Mode Not working

    I have a Xiamoi Mi Mix 3, and just out of nowhere the reading mode just disabled itself. And I can not enable it again. If I enable it, nothing changes. Any Ideas?
  8. E

    New Redmi 5plus screentouch problem

    Desde que eu instalei o MUI global 11(instável) meu Touchscreen tem tido problemas de conexão, ele buga tanto, vontade de bater está maravilha no chão, por favor quando irá sair um update actualizado para ter um soft mais estável?
  9. N

    New mi 6x problem

    I have a 6x mi and I can’t install TWRP, I’ve tried all the ways, but when it boots the screen goes black and the phone turns off, this happens every time I try to install, because of that I’m stuck in the Chinese version of miui, I can pass ROMS through the mi flash only. Help me please i need...
  10. Kelsonya

    New Second space on Redmi Note 5 PRO

    Hi! I noticed such a strange thing. In the second space, photos and videos from the first space are hidden, although I didn’t import them. Is this a bug? Now I am on a weekly 9.3.7.
  11. D

    New Ui have bugs so annoying.. on redmi note 5 pro

    That black strip (second pic) always appears and after sometimes it disappears... And in first pic, live wallpapers are black in landscape.... Also.. I cant see the clock in home (also lockscreen)... It suppose to turn black because the app valute date is dark.. see attachment.. Im on miui 10.2...