1. Daenjel

    Volume Up Button Doesn't Work Properly

    Hi, can someone help me with this issue on my device? The volume up button doesn't work on the system, it just stopped working one day and i thought it was a hardware problem, so, i made the hardware test from Miui and its all okey, but when i press the button doesnt volume up, what can it be...
  2. N

    New Mi5s Plus Buttons Led Bug

    Hello everybody. I need some help. Sometimes my tree line button ("="this button on the left side) led on my mi5s plus doesn't lights up. If i press the left corner near the button the led light under the button starts to work. It's working for example a day and than i have to press again. Sorry...
  3. S

    Mi5s Screen Buttons Not Working

    I broke my MI5s screen and ordered a replacement online but after installing the screen none of the screen buttons worked. I eventually figured out why the finger sensor wasn't working as the new screen didn't ship with one so i attempted to remove the original one but not sure if I damaged it...
  4. S

    Headphone Button Mis-mapped

    Hello! I'm new to the game but I've recently moved over to Xiaomi.eu. At the moment I use a 1-button headphone but I've noticed the Mi5S seems to be set up for 3-button only; my button is being interpreted as a volume up, rather than play/pause. Is there any way to change this? Thanks!
  5. D

    After Taking A Picture, I Can't Go To The Photo Gallery Via Shortcut Button.

    Hi, there After taking a picture, i can't go to the photo gallery via shortcut button. because the button doesn't work. whenever i open the camera application and take a photo, the same problem occurs. The button i mentioned stays on the left and the bottom of the application. To the left of...
  6. K

    New Mi5 Back Button Not Working

    Hi I need some help. I got a Mi5 a few weeks ago, and right now I'm running MiUi 8 6.7.14 My back button is not working at all, it worked fine for the first two days but now it does nothing when I press it. The only way to make it work is plugging an usb charger. Can i fix that with software...