calendar sync

  1. Poipoi

    New Miui 9.9.26 - Calendar synchronization bug

    Hi, I have installed Miui 11 on my mi5 (clean install). I have this annoying bug: I can't synchronize events from Google and from Microsoft calendar. On Google, the synchronization goes on forever, and when I restart it, it immediately finishes but nothing happens. On my Microsoft account, the...
  2. S

    New Calendar - Don't Load Contact Birthday Info From A Google Account

    Redmi3, MIUI 8.2.1, Russian Language. Downloaded ido_xhdpi_images_8.2.1_20180201.0000.00_5.1_cn_98d739cd99.tgz Then, using MyFlash, downloaded this firmware to the phone, the mode "clear all". After that, turned on the phone, made the initial settings. After that, using the TWRP, installed...