1. P

    MIUI 13 camera's stock app noise reduction

    Hi, Is there any way to turn off the noise reduction filtering and the edge sharpening from the camera's stock application? The photos appear like oily painted in medium and low light conditions. Im using a Redmi Note 11 pro+ 5G (21091116UG). Thanks in advance.
  2. J

    Camera2 api MIUI vs Custom rom

    Hi, I have Mi10t Pro and I would like to use the wide angle and macro lens in apps that access the camera using the "camera2 api"... Unfortunately on MIUI only the main camera supports the camera2 api... If I install a custom rom, will I get all lenses to support camera2 api? (I had a Huawei p30...
  3. K

    Camera2Api just needed for G**gle camera?

    Hi everybody, quick question, is Camera2Api enabling needed just for the G**gle camera or does it will improve as well the quality of stock camera pictures? Many thanks for your answers!
  4. G

    Some Problem

    sometimes when I enter a profile in instagram, the screen remains black. The device freezes sometimes. (ETC: Gallery, Social Media ....) camera2api is off. I'm opening it, but it closes after the update. Sim Card Activation for Micloud does not work. Does AI start working ? Yesterday, while...
  5. X

    How enable Camera2 Api on Redmi Note 6 Pro?

    Is there a way to enable Camera2 Api in version 9.3.21 on the Redmi Note 6 Pro?
  6. T

    Any method to get Camer2 Api on Oreo?

    Hello guys. I have a Mi note3, and i want to use some 3rd party camera apps (like FilmicPro, Manual camera, *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*...) Back on 7.1 there was a possibility to activate, and use the power of Camera2 Api. Now, i'm on Oreo (weekly) and this rom does not contain the Camera2 Api. :( Libs are missing...
  7. A

    Build.prop Not Found [redmi Note 4x/mido] [unlocked] [not Rooted]

    I wanted to enable camera2 Api, and found this guide [GUIDE] Enable Camera2 API Without Root [mido] But when I'm running adb, build.prop can not be found. (I have been succesful copying other files.) I also can not find it using the file manager of twrp. Does anyone have any idea what is...
  8. wolfanger

    Camera 2 Api Finally Working (almost Working Xd ) On Mi 4c Miui 8 Nougat.

    Adding '' in build prop finally enables camera2 api but images are flippered 180 degrees.
  9. S


    Good day, to help locate the file folder msm8992_camera.xml camera is not on the path / system / etc / camera. I need to edit parameter MountAngle, because I activated Camera2API function. but it has turned, flipped the main camera, so I need to find msm8992_camera.xml that would fix the camera...