1. T

    Invalid Lock screen clock format not working properly

    Whenever I try and use this clock format (top-left with big date and day) it always gives me this one (top-left with small date and day). It used to work literally yesterday, but today it just stopped working. ( stable/device name: olive)
  2. N

    STATUS BAR: how to move Clock and Alarm icon to the right side in Status Bar

    Is there a way I can move the clock and the alarm icon from the left to the right side of the status bar, together with the battery indicator? I believe that the left side should remain for the needs of the user items while these appear as the system items. It seems as logical request. In that...
  3. SirKekSias

    Invalid 9.9.27 Mi8: Czech language shows smaller clock in status bar than other languages

    Device: Mi 8 MIUI: 9.9.27 v2 Czech language shows smaller/thinner clock than other languages (e.g. English UK). The main problem is that it is harder to read when used outside in bright sun and as I am wearing glasses too the clock is almost unreadable in these conditions (the font thickness is...
  4. D

    Fonts Clock

    Hello, I have a question, because the font of the clock in xiaomi eu is not bold and it seems different from the Chinese and global. I'm using the default theme. EU GLOBAL / CHINA
  5. T

    New No Alarm Clock sound!

    Hey there When I'm setting an Alarm at Stable or actual Beta (Redmi Note 5 Pro), there is NO Alarm Sound. I can do whatever I want, nothing helps. Why is this bug? When I install the Google Clock and use their Alarm, everything works... Thanks for your help.
  6. G

    Replacing Stock Cock App With Custom One

    Hello, I would like to replace stock clock app (with for example Clock+) so others apps and widgets that forwarding to clock app would open that custom app. Also would be nice if there was alarm icon on status bar from that app. I hate the way how you have to type hours and minutes in stock...
  7. S

    Clock After Update

    I had some sort of automatic update 2 nights ago, and now the clock (which was a 2x2 widget on the home screen) has now become a 1x1 icon. I've tried several other clock widgets but when clicking on them once installed I don't get the alarms/stopwatch etc (the 1x1 icon does work). Sorry if...
  8. Paul Artman

    New [clock] Added Settings Isn't Displayed Until App Restart

    Device: Mi4C 2/16Gb Version: MiUI 8 6.7.21 Using language: Russian Description: when I add new alarms, timer settings it isn't displayed until I close and run clock app again Steps to reproduce: Open clock from desktop widget, add some new alarms and timers

    Despertador Nao Funciona - Alarm Clock Does Not Open

    When i press the clock app, it does not open and said " clock has stopped". I cannot set any alarm time or anything.