1. C

    Custom bootanimation

    Hello, I am on the beta version of the ROM. I would like to install a custom bootanimation, how can this be done? I tried to access / system to go to / media, except it doesn't exist. Could there be another way, I specify that my phone is not rooted. I would also like to roll back...
  2. U

    Font change!!!

    Hi friends! I've got a question. How can i change custom font's weight and size in miui 12?
  3. ReaktoringHD

    Android 10: ASHA on Android 10 ROMs? Can i build a custom version of the ROM?

    Hi there, I just want to know if there is ASHA (Audio streaming for hearing aids) activated in your ROMs and if there is any posibilitiy for me to build an custom version myself with this activated when it's not included. Thank You!
  4. LaurentiuCTN

    Miui - New Features Implementation

    Dear developers, Can you implement some of the these cool features like: - Ambient Display - Raise to Wake (like in iOS) and Ressurection Remix. - Audio Profiles - automatic actions by different triggers (not just these 3 ones present in MIUI9) Thank you!!
  5. LaurentiuCTN

    Clean Install Custom Rom On Xiaomi Mi5

    Hello, I want to do a clean install of a ROM. Which are the methods to do a clean and fresh install? And which version of MIUI you recommend? PS: I want to clean all files in phone (every single file). I want my phone to be cleaned like it has left the factory before I install a new...
  6. rgxci

    Video Tutorial For Upgrading Rom?

    Hello, is there anywhere on Youtube/etc. a good and detailed Video how to upgrade for example from Xiaomi Global to custom ROM? I did it last time 9 months ago, and I have no idea how I solved it from the beginning till the end. Because you always need a new/old ADB, new recovery...
  7. H

    Back To Smiui...

    hi guys, is anybody out there, got backed up rom images from smiu 7.5xx stable? My phone gets after swiching to miu 8 massive battery drain, thats why i wanna go back to one of the last smiui 7 stable, because they was very smooth, stable and batterysaving! sadly i got no backup from my smiui...