1. vicky4.0

    Kernel File

    Where I can get the default kernel of MIUI EU. I want to flash default MIUI kernel
  2. B

    New Dowloanded and attached files bug

    Good morning everyone, I'm going crazy with a problem on my Mi 10. When I download a file from a browser, an app or a mail and I click on the notification (of ended dowload) it doesn't open the menu for selecting the app i want to open with but ,instead, it open a "Share" menu like the file...
  3. josueafkaa

    slow download speed in the background

    when I am downloading something from the play store, browser or game, the download speed is very slow, in the background it is ~ 200kbps and when I am inside the application it is above ~ 700kbps, before it was not like that, there was a small more fall was not that aggressive. *sent from redmi...
  4. war4head

    Mi5: Waiting For Wi-fi When Download/update Apps In Google Play

    My MI5 work fine on V8.1.6.0, but I today install stable V8.2.1.0 and in TWRP after installation new ROM before reboot (clear chace,dav,data - wont fresh start). My Mi5 boot, and all looks ok, but when I try to install some applications with "google play" I got message "Waiting For Wi-fi When...
  5. xShARkx

    Xiaomi Releases Developer Rom Of Android N For Mi 4c!

    So, Xiaomi just released the developer chinese rom version 7.2.9 based on Android N for the Mi 4c! Download page: Direct download links: Zip - Fastboot -...
  6. Dr.MTR

    Xiaomi Router 3 English Firmware

    Get the english firmware for Router 3 ONLY here ! Version: 2.10.25 Stable Download here: Tested on Router 3 and works without issues !